Georges River Sailing Club

ILCA (Laser)

The ILCA sailing dinghy, formerly known as the Laser, is celebrated for its challenging nature and its ability to reward the sailor's techniques, tactics and strategy in close racing. Whether you're competing at the club level or striving for the pinnacle of sailing achievement at the Olympic Games. It is a boat that demands dedication and skill.

The Challenge 

When you take your ILCA out for a local race, you embark on a journey that tests your mettle. The challenge lies in working harder, hiking longer, becoming smarter, and sailing better than your fellow ILCA sailors. It's a competition where your skill and effort are the sole determinants of success.

At the race's conclusion, you'll eagerly count the number of boats behind you, and the sweet reward is the knowledge that you triumphed fairly and squarely, relying solely on your abilities.

Even if there are no boats behind you, the challenge persists. Each time you set sail, you do so with the same equipment and the unwavering potential to improve, pushing the boundaries of your own capabilities.


At GRSC, our ILCA fleet is a thriving community comprising over 20 sailing enthusiasts. We offer 4.7, Radial, and Standard rigs, providing options to suit various preferences and skill levels. Join us on Saturday afternoons, starting at 2:00 pm, for exhilarating ILCA racing and camaraderie.

Membership Benefits

  • Community: Join our ILCA community and connect with fellow sailors who share your passion for the challenge and the diverse benefits of ILCA sailing.

  • Racing Opportunities: Compete in a variety of ILCA races, from Sprints to Handicap Pursuit Races and the Famous Como Cup.

  • Training and Improvement: Our club offers training programs and workshops to help you enhance your ILCA sailing abilities and continue to grow as a sailor.

  • Exhilarating Sailing: Experience the thrill of ILCA sailing, whether you're racing against others or challenging yourself to be the best sailor you can be.

Ready to embrace the challenge and diverse benefits of ILCA sailing? Whether you're a seasoned sailor or new to the sport, we welcome you to become a part of the ILCA Sailing Dinghy Club at GRSC. Your journey begins here, where every race is an opportunity to prove yourself and where camaraderie and sailing excellence go hand in hand.

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