Georges River Sailing Club


The Tasar is a renowned 4.5-meter high-performance sailing dinghy, designed for dynamic sailing and racing experiences for both men and women. It features a lightweight, low-drag planing hull, a rotating mast, and a jib, coupled with a fully battened mainsail and efficient sail controls that deliver exhilarating sailing without the need for a spinnaker or trapeze. This exceptional design makes the Tasar a favorite among sailors.

Why Choose the Tasar?

Versatility: The Tasar is known for its adaptability. It suits a wide range of sailing preferences, from casual outings to competitive racing.

Performance: Its sleek design and responsive handling make the Tasar a favourite among sailors looking for an exciting and agile sailing experience.

Accessibility: The Tasar is easy to rig and sail, making it an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced sailors. Its portability also allows you to explore various sailing locations effortlessly.

At GRSC, we are passionate about the Tasar and committed to nurturing a vibrant community of sailors who share our love for this exceptional boat. Here's what you can expect from our club:

  • Membership: Join our club to connect with fellow Tasar enthusiasts and enjoy exclusive benefits, including special events, training sessions, and social gatherings.
  • Racing Opportunities: We organize a variety of Tasar races, ranging from friendly club regattas to competitive events. These races offer a chance to test your skills and enjoy spirited competition.
  • Training: Whether you're a novice or an experienced sailor, our club offers training programs and workshops to enhance your sailing proficiency and deepen your knowledge of the Tasar.
  • Community: Join our close-knit community of Tasar enthusiasts at GRSC. Share stories, tips, and experiences with members who are as passionate about sailing as you are.

GRSC has a fleet of over 10 boats racing every Sunday at 1:00pm

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