Georges River Sailing Club


SailPASS: Your Gateway to Sailing at GRSC

SailPASS is your ticket to experiencing the thrill of sailing at GRSC, even if you're not a member of an Australian Sailing (AS) affiliated club. It's essentially a day membership that opens up a world of opportunities on the water.





Why Do We Need SailPASS (Day Membership)?

Ensuring safety and accountability on the water is paramount, and that's why SailPASS exists. Clubs like ours have a responsibility to care for everyone participating in the races they organise. Australian Sailing has made it easier for clubs by providing a user-friendly tool to manage this process, thereby reducing some of the risks associated with club racing.

Additionally, Rule 46 of the Racing Rules of Sailing has been updated, requiring non-members to obtain a SailPASS:

"From 1st January 2022, all persons on board a boat while racing shall be members of a Club affiliated with Australian Sailing and have an Australian Sailing number, or hold a valid SailPASS, or if an international competitor, be a member of a club affiliated with a World Sailing recognized Member National Authority."

SailPASS opens the door for casual and introductory sailors to participate in races while providing coverage under the Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance policy for the days it applies.

Select your sailing dates and register for a maximum of 3 SailPASSes before considering joining GRSC as a full sailing member. This offers a safer way to ensure you're insured while out on the water and on your journey to becoming a GRSC Sailing member.

Benefits of SailPASS Membership

1. Personal Injury Insurance: SailPASS provides you with personal injury insurance for the day you're sailing, giving you peace of mind (details available here).

2. Stay Informed: As a SailPASS member, you'll receive regular club correspondence, similar to other members, keeping you up to date with upcoming events and allowing you to engage with the Club whenever you wish.

3. Introduction to Sailing: SailPASS offers a flexible introduction to sailing at GRSC, making it perfect for newcomers to the sport.

4. Convenient Access: It offers a safe, quick, easy, and affordable way to access sailing. Plus, it's mobile-friendly and seamlessly integrated into our club's website.

How Can New Sailors Get a SailPASS?

Getting a SailPASS is as simple as clicking the button and following the prompts for a New Member. You'll find the SailPASS logo prominently displayed on the homepage of our Club's website, making it quick and easy to access. Just click on the SailPASS logo now, and you're on your way to an exciting sailing experience.

What if I've Paid for SailPASSes but Later Decide to Join the Club?

No worries! Any payments made for SailPASSes go directly to GRSC and can be applied toward your membership fees for the same membership year. Complete the new member registration by clicking this link or the button below.

SailPASS is your bridge to the exhilarating world of sailing at GRSC. Don't miss out on this opportunity to set sail, experience the thrill, and become a part of our vibrant sailing community.