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Moving up - Class transition tips for sailing pathways

Published Tue 23 Aug 2022

Sailing offers many options to enjoy the sport for life. With multiple pathways, classes, and opportunities available to choose from, some people choose one pathway enjoying years of sailing to master their chosen class, whilst some change often, and some choose more than one pathway and more than one class to sail in parallel to another.

There are no right or wrong answers when choosing a pathway and class, it’s a very personal decision, and one that is best made by considering your own goals and situation, and most importantly, by thinking about which class and which pathway will provide you with the most enjoyment and fun!

There are youth pathway classes (that lead to performance pathway classes); international classes (where people compete across life stages), there are pathways in Keelboats and ocean racing; to pathways in fast boats and foiling on boards, kites, and boats. It can sometimes become overwhelming with all the information available, and decisions needed when choosing to change class.

To get the right advice for you, and to move to the most suitable class takes time, consideration, and planning. There are a lot of factors contributing to getting it as right as you can. There are plenty of options you can use to help you make decisions, including talking to qualified Sailing Coaches, Parents, friends, and club officials. However, in the end, a change of class is one that needs to be your decision, and one which is suitable to your age and stage of development.

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